ANASTASiiA music



Artist: ANASTASiiA
Country of Origin: Ukraine / USA
City: Miami, USA
Label: Purified | Interplay Flow | WTHI | Polyptych
Activity: Producer, DJane
Genres: Deep House; Melodic House, MelodicTechno, Progressive House

Profiles: Instagram, Facebook, Spotify

Latest Release: Obsidian


ANASTASiiA was born in Ukraine and lives in Miami, Florida, USA. Her sound is stunning and lies somewhere between deep house, melodic house and progressive house. Anastasiia has the honor of having two tracks released on the Fragments VIII sampler from Nora En Pure’s label Purified Records: „Spiral“ in the original mix and in the extended mix .She is an extremely talented upcoming producer and DJane with a passion for infectious melodies full of hooks and cinematic sound structures that are telling us fascinating stories.

Inspired by melodic house and techno beats, ANASTASiiA’s musical journey began at the tender age of 5 when she started creating melodies on a small electronic toy keyboard. This sparked her passion for music, which she would pursue convincingly later in life. ANASTASiiA’s musical storytelling is influenced by real life experiences that lend authenticity to her sound, evoking strong emotions in the listener and fan.

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Apart from that, ANASTASiiA also seems to have the unique innate ability to present music in different styles while permanently developing their consistent brand with a high recognition value. And this is a factor that makes this artist a musically fascinating personality to keep an eye on. With big dreams and lots of energy, ANASTASiiA wants to positively influence music fans with her music and is well on her way to establish herself as a recognized force in the contemporary melodic/progressive house genre.

ANASTASiiA came to the United States in February 2018 and attended the famous Ultra Music Festival in Miami in March of the same year. After that, her world was changing drastically for her. After all, she had been dealing with music for ages, but this intoxicating intense atmosphere of Ultra Festival had a lasting impact on ANASTASiiA’s musical thoughts and actions.

ANASTASiiA tells us further: „Originally I wanted to become a singer, but actually I was never quite sure whether this is ultimately the right thing for me. Subsequently, I took a DJ course in Kyiv, which motivated me incredibly. I also focused immensely on immersing myself in underground music culture, so the Ultra Festival opened up a world for me which showed me where I belong to musically. After that, I was highly motivated to start developing my own sound as well as building out my DJ skills at local gigs.“

ANASTASiiA life motto is beyond impressive:

„Music is my life, music is the most important thing in my life, it is the force that always pushes me forward to do better and keeps me going – but of course my family is above everything“.

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