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Nick Cave

Nick Cave: The Idiot Prayer at Alexandra Palace – Video (2021)

The video and album “The Idiot Prayer at Alexandra Palace” with songs from the old master of melancholy Nick Cave is sensationally good. With this interpretation of his best-known songs full of melancholy, passion and emotion, played on the piano, a long-cherished wish may have come true for the fans. “The Idiot Prayer at Alexandra Palace” is medicine, medicine for your soul. … Continue reading…Nick Cave: The Idiot Prayer at Alexandra Palace – Video (2021)


Schtu: Siberian Express (EP) – 2021

“Siberian Express EP” offers dynamic Melodic TechHouse at its best, far away from worn out house paths and proves Schtu’s affinity for analog synthesizers and live drums in combination with careful programming and clever arrangements.
The sound quality may also convince with a powerful stomping, deep bass and cleanly defined treble all along the line. … Continue reading…Schtu: Siberian Express (EP) – 2021


Blooy – Elegies to Spring (EP) – 2021

I eagerly awaited “Elegies to Spring” – and it was worth the wait. Blooy presents us with 4 extraordinary sound examples from his very own, but very fascinating sound cosmos.
Blooy’s music is like a good friend you always enjoy inviting to a lavish spring breakfast on the patio.
And we are already looking forward to the album, which will soon pour into a near-earth orbit. … Continue reading…Blooy – Elegies to Spring (EP) – 2021