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Artist: Poli-Poli
Country of Origin: USA
City: Miami
Labels: Colorize, Amulanga, Shango, ElectronicGroove, MassiveHarmony, NaturaViva, StellarBlack 3rd Avenue, Amitabha
Activity: Producer, DJ
Genres: Organic House, Progressive House
Profiles: Instagram, Soundcloud, Spotify
Characteristics: Great Kindness, Very open-minded, Extremely committed


Poli-Poli creates progressive and organic house music with multi-dimensional layers of sound. Her unique approach to music is evident as she combines intricate melodies with pulsating rhythms, crafting a hypnotic journey that captivates listeners. Her music has been compared to the likes of Savage & She or Be Svendsen, evoking memories of Tulum…

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