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Artist: INAMAR
Country of Origin: Switzerland
City: Zürich
Label: DIY, RCRDSHP, ADORMA Records, Gimmick Records
Activity: Producer, DJane
Genres: Deep House; Melodic House, MelodicTechno, Progressive House

Profiles: Instagram, Facebook, Spotify
Characteristics: Great Kindness, Very open-minded, Extremely Reliable


INAMAR creates a bright and sunny style of melodic techno. She was born in Zurich to a Spanish mother and a Swiss father. After a trip to IBIZA, where she was inspired by many different great artists, she started producing electronic music on her own.

As a highly talented Swiss producer, artist and DJ, she has captured people’s attention with her tireless energy and passion for her work. INAMAR is always trying to find a way to take her creations to the next level. Her impressive discography includes a wide variety of sounds that will excite electronic music lovers all around the globe. On June 30th 2023 she released her latest track „Free Spirit“ on PRETTY PINK’s famous label „Deep Woods“.

INAMAR wins the „Change The Beat“ remix competition on Anjunadeep and delivers an extraordinary and extremely impressive interpretation of Eli & Fur’s „Better In the Dark“, which was released on Anjunadeep on December 18th, 2023. This success marks a significant milestone in her journey as a music producer and demonstrates her ability to reinterpret beats and set new standards.

Well done, INAMAR!

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