Miss Monique: Live @ Radio Intense / Land of Sunshine EP – 2021

Miss Monique, the DJ Queen from Ukraine, has released a fantastic video mix set via Radio Intense to accompany her new 4-track EP „Land of Sunshine“, released on Nora En Pure’s Purified label.

The mix features trax from Passenger 10 (Amalfi), Monolink (Under Dark), Cosmic Gate (Blame) as well as her own new trax and many more – and is sensationally good. The sound of the video comes along really well, as well as the picture quality in extremely crisp 4K.

The new „Land of Sunshine EP“ on Purfied Records is also convincing on the whole line.

Alesia Arkusha, also known as Miss Monique in the world of electronic music, passed through the thorny path from a beginner to a real world-class professional DJ. Her success has been huge thanks to the creation of the popular podcasts „Mind Games“ and „MiMo Weekly“ on Youtube and her releases on such well-known labels as Black Hole Recordings and Bonzai Progressive.

With her musical style being an eclectic mixture of progressive house and melodic techno, Miss Monique has a wide range of performance opportunities from the smaller cozy intimate club gigs up to large international festivals. Miss Monique belongs to the creme de la creme of the most popular Ukrainian acts alongside the brilliant Korolova.

The fact that Miss Monique has now been invited to release her new „Land of Sunshine EP“ on Nora En Pure’s Purified Records is an incredibly big honor – but she has honestly deserved it with her spot-on fable for electronic dance music and her grand appearance.

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