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Erik Heirman

Erik Heirman feat. Kieran Fowkes: Take Me Home – 2021

Especially the 6:11 min long original mix of “Take Me Home” is very pleasing. The track has a relatively straightforward structure. The driving electronic bassline forms the solid foundation for discreet percussion samples and gloomy synthi sound clouds, where Kieran Fowkes’ sonorous vocals can soothingly spread out.
We can already be very excited about Erik Heirman’s 4-track EP, which will be released in September. … Continue reading…Erik Heirman feat. Kieran Fowkes: Take Me Home – 2021


Schtu: Siberian Express (EP) – 2021

“Siberian Express EP” offers dynamic Melodic TechHouse at its best, far away from worn out house paths and proves Schtu’s affinity for analog synthesizers and live drums in combination with careful programming and clever arrangements.
The sound quality may also convince with a powerful stomping, deep bass and cleanly defined treble all along the line. … Continue reading…Schtu: Siberian Express (EP) – 2021

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