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Covid-19 has crippled the music scene. Artists can no longer perform live to promote their works, clubs and concert halls are closed – all over Europe.
This is where we want to start. And so we present Videos and Live-Concerts of different Acts from the area of Electronic Music incl. EDM on our YouTube Channel “WaterDomeMusic” – and here on our Site Reviews and Featurettes of new Albums or EP’s , which are worth buying.

The earnings from streaming are not even a drop in the bucket for our musicians, but you can support artists if you buy the album especially in times of Corona, whether it is via an online platform or just as an album in the retail stores. If you buy the album through an online platform, you also have the option to purchase the album lossless or in high resolution with excellent sound. We will link to all available online platforms so you can listen to and purchase the album of your choice on the platform you prefer.

For our latest reviews on WaterDomeMusic please scroll down to the News & Reviews section or click on the link below.

.. Disco Schallplatten is alive …

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