Nora En Pure: 2021…so far – Playlists

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Genre: House, Deep House, Melodic House, Electronica

Nora En Pure: 2021…so far – Playlists – Remixed and Non-Remixed
Nora En Pure
Nora En Pure and her fascinating musical art work

Nora En Pure has released a total of 4 more EP′s or singles since July 23, 2021, packed with excellent original and extended mixes. “Lucious Rain”, “Tantrum” ,”Life on Hold” and “Won’t Leave Your Side” are all exceptional productions – and you don’t even have to be a house or deephouse junkie to fall in love with Nora’s stuff. The sound of Nora En Pure has always been and still is incredibly cinematic. Nora always designs her creations very multilayered and puts several communicating sound layers on top of each other and so creates small sound jewels with immense dexterity from one time to the other.

Nora En Pure
© Suzana Paylan

Especially the often very organic character of Nora’s songs leaves long lasting, deep impressions. Nora often uses lots of little snippets of environmental sound patterns like crickets chirping, mountain water flowing, or even the beeping of the heart monitor in an intensive care unit as in the deeply poignant song “Won’t Leave Your Side.” Every now and then, references to classical music come into play. In addition, there is a driving synth beat from the lower midrange, here and there also powerful bass fire, allowing Nora to push her sound creations emphatically in the direction to the dance floor.

Moreover, Nora En Pure is the grand maestro of the great inviting harmony lead with soulful piano lines that can hardly be resisted by any listener. The purified harmony bridges combined with Nora’s typical melodic depth, imbued with a slight melancholy and traces of sadness make Nora’s sound unmistakable, inimitable and also give it an immensely high recognition value.

Exactly the same strategy is followed by Nora En Pure since 2019 in the releases through her own label Purified Records, which offers emerging young talents the appropriate stage.

The 4 new tracks
Nora En Pure
© Suzana Paylan

“Luscious Rain” is an exceedingly coherent track that makes you feel the raindrops on your skin and could be the second part of a possible rain trilogy by Nora after Wetlands. “Tantrum” is a real burner, drawing its magic from the ethnic vocal offsets and harmony-bearing piano arches. “Life on Hold” is an appropriate anthem for the current global situation, but with a very positive underlying mood it draws a brightly shining sign of confidence in the firmament. “Won’t Leave Your Side” is setting a bright symbol for humanity, cohesion and mutual help with changing but exceedingly emotional musical moods.

I have added the four tracks mentioned, including the alternative versions, to the public “Nora EnPure 2021 playlist” and divided it in two separat ones, so you can enjoy two different presentations of Nora’s work in the year 2021. On one hand you have the 2021 Non-Remixed-Playlist, which is a quick and tasty snack from Nora’s healthy Deep House herb and vegetable garden.
The “Nora En Pure … 2021 Extended” playlist includes all remixes and alternative mixes released in 2021 – and this year there was a whole bag full of them, one better than the other. So these 14 tracks are the Energy Booster Vaccination, that will get you through the winter of 2021/2022 in good spirits.

Here I present you the two playlist versions, in which you can find all releases from the year 2021 (so far), exemplary in the Apple Music version:

The two playlists are available on the following streaming platforms:

The other available platforms:

Tidal: Non Mixed Versions
Tidal: Extended Remixes

Spotify: Non Mixed Versions
Spotify: Extended Remixes

YouTube Music: Mixed Versions
YouTube Music: Extended Remixes

Apple Music (siehe oben)

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