Miss Monique: Land of Sunshine EP – 2021

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Miss Monique: Land of Sunshine EP – 2021 – Purified Records

Genre: Progressive House, Melodic Techno, Deep House


Miss Monique, the DJ queen from Ukraine, has released her fantastic new 4-track EP “Land of Sunshine” on Nora En Pure’s Purified label.

Small historical discourse:
Miss Monique - Land of Sunshine

Alesia Arkusha, also known as Miss Monique in the world of electronic dance music, has gone through the thorny path from a beginner to a true world-class professional DJane. Her success is huge, with her popular podcasts “Mind Games” and “MiMo Weekly” on Youtube and her releases on such well known labels as Black Hole Recordings and Bonzai Progressive she has been able to continuously increase her success. Launching her own label Siona Records in 2019, Miss Monique is caring for emerging artist talents, and recently the label made it into the top 10 best-selling progressive house labels on Beatport.

Miss Monique’s popular livestream sets have helped propel her further into the spotlight, connecting her with new fans around the world. Her talent for fusing techno rhythms with classic trance and progressive elements has earned her an ever-growing fan base and brought her to perform at electronic dance music’s most well-known hotspots – from intimate boat parties in Ibiza to mega festivals like Untold and ADE. Miss Monique is one of the fastest rising progressive house DJs in the world and has been building her reputation over the past few years with her impeccable productions and energetic performances. And now she”s stepping it up a notch with the new “Land of Sunshine EP” on Nora En Pure’s Purified Records label, featuring four tracks.

The “Land of Sunshine” EP
Miss Monique

Where it says Purified on it, there’s Purified in it. Miss Monique expands on her famously successful eclectic mix of progressive house and melodic techno, and now embeds all of this in the typical fine cloudy driving Purified sound. She skillfully combines her own sound ideas with those of Nora En Pure and Purified Records, and in doing so she takes her own musical reputation as well as that of Purified Records a decisive step further. So the “Land of Sunshine EP” is a typical win-win situation for both sides.

The track “Land Of Sunshine” is drawing the listener into an emotional soundscape, equipped with elegance and dynamics, soaring synth fair-weather clouds, a progressive straight bassline and a sophisticated percussion line. “Out Of Sight”, on the other hand, moves into somewhat darker realms, creating a very expressive soundscape with staccato synths, dramatic melancholic yet driving instrumentation and a deep and captivating bassline.

Exactly these are the typical ingredients for the meanwhile unmistakable purified trademark, which are running like a red line through the musical Nora En Pure portfolio and through the many releases on Purified Records and therefore have become style-defining – predicate valuable! A hefty pinch of Purified magic further enhances the extended mixes of the two tracks.

The Bottom Line

The fact that Miss Monique has now been invited to release her new “Land of Sunshine EP” on Nora En Pure’s Purified Records is a great honor; but she has well deserved it with her spot-on fable for electronic dance music and her terrific charisma. With its original and extended mixes, the EP has real earworm qualities, it doesn’t really get much better than this.

The tracks, if you buy from Qobuz, are in 16 bit / 44.1 kHz format and are very pleasing despite the lack of 24 bit qualities. However, the sound quality of some streaming platforms is not very satisfactory, and Apple Music is the only praiseworthy exception.



Format: 24 Bit / 48 kHz10
Räumlichkeit / Spatiality10
Höhen / Treble9.5
Mitten / Mids9.5
Bass / Bass9.5
Video (Sound + Picture)8
Facts about the EP “Land of Sunshine”:

Artist: Miss Monique
Title: Land of Sunshine
Format: 4-Track EP
Label: Purified Records
Release Date: 05 November 2021
Genre: Progressive House, Melodic Techno, Deep House
4 Tracks – 22m 29s


Available on Qobuz in CD quality
16-bit/ 44.1 kHz – stereo (lossless)

If you want to hear and see more of Miss Monique, we highly recommend the latest video “Miss Monique – Live @ Radio Intense 2.11.2021 [Progressive House/Melodic Techno DJ Mix] 4K”:

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  • Headphone amplifier / preamplifier: Auralic Taurus
  • In-ear headphones: Shure SE846 with ALO MMCX Audio Reference 8 cable
  • OverEar headphones: Audeze EL-8
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