Jerro: Coming Home (Album) – 2021

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Jerro: Coming Home (Album) – 2021 – This Never Happend – 11 Tracks

Genre: Melodic House, Electronica


Belgian producer Jerro has been quickly attracting the attention of the electronic and dancefloor scenes for months with his poignant, melodic soundscapes, and with his new album “Coming Home”, he is now reaching a new pinnacle of his musical creativity. The Coming Home album is released via This Never Happened on October 01, 2021 and is available across all known platforms.

The Album

With the full-length 11-track album, the Belgian producer underlines his immense studio experience. Each track creates an ethereal soundscape full of palpable emotion and yearning instrumentals. Each track creates an ethereal soundscape full of palpable emotion and yearning instrumentals. Each of the previously released singles ‘Presence’, ‘In The Dark’ feat. Tailor, ‘Lost For Words’ feat. Panama and ‘Subtleties’ have already allowed a brief but stunning glimpse into the entire album project. Jerro’s ability to break genres as well as fuse melodic elements with downtempo sound-lines is impressively demonstrated in each of the tracks on Coming Home.

The Tracks

The album opens with the title track, which immediately captures the listener’s attention with a soothing melody that swells with passion. The subtle vocal samples in “Coming Home” create a soothing atmosphere and is setting the tone for the rest of the album. The second track, “Too Weak,” opens with hauntingly emotional vocals tracing the complicated circumstances of human relationships and love. With this track, Jerro demonstrates his talent for blending sensitive vocals with sophisticated downtempo soundscapes. Next song, “Sweeping,” shows the other side of Jerro with an edgy driving progressive melody designed for the dance floor.

The album seamlessly transitions into the stunning track “Lost For Words” which Jerro arranged together with Panama. After the success of their last collaboration track “Together” on Future Classic, the two have teamed up once again to create another stirring production. This track is full of captivating melodies backed by Panama’s mesmerizing vocals, creating a hypnotic soundscape across the 3:19 m runtime. The album continues with the Tracks “Subtleties,” “In The Dark” featuring Tailor and “Presence,” all demonstrating the fine studio approach of this talented sound artist.


The album’s final four tracks are solidifying the place he has carved out in the world of electronic midtempo and slightly roughened driving dance sounds. . Jerro explores several studio techniques on the album, mixing melodic elements with subtle breaks and dynamic vocals in “Are You There.” The next single “Autoreactive” shows a darker side of the melodic producer, as he uses dense synth soundscapes and a driving melody this time, which sets this track apart from the others.

In contrast, the tenth song “Stay” is embodying all the characteristics of a classic Jerro track with an upbeat optimistic soundscape that is full of emotions “Leave Me Here” closes the album with a climax and is one of the album’s standout tracks. The final track from the album “Coming Home” combines the fascinating soundscapes penned by Jerro with the haunting vocals of Fractures, leaving the listener with a feeling of optimism spiced with a dash of nostalgia.

Jerro about “Coming Home”:

“My debut album is something I’ve always dreamed of since I started making music, and it feels surreal that it’s finally being released. One thing I love about the album is the variety of sounds. There are poppy tracks like “Too Weak” that people like, real melodic house tracks like “Stay,” indie tracks like “Are You There,” and club tracks like “Sweeping.” I really wanted to put together an album where every type of listener can find songs they like while I’m staying true to my classic sound, and I couldn’t be more proud of how it turned out!”

Sound Quality

The album, released in 16-bit / 44.1 kHz, comes out sounding very good on balance, with fine spaciousness, natural mids, and solid low-end bass. The treble may be a bit too bright and sharply tuned in some parts, but this affects the overall sound quality only marginally.

The Bottom Line:

With his opus “Coming Home” Jerro has delivered a very convincing debut album. The talented Belgian producer has rapidly increased his fan base over the last few years and is making his own way through the modern dancefloor worlds. The sound flourishes with extremely impressive entraining soundscapes full of natural emotions and transcendent melodic elements, where the album “Coming Home” is imbued with. To celebrate this exciting moment in his career, he will embark on a North American tour in early 2022 with 19 dates in New York City, Los Angeles, Denver and other cities.



Format: 16 Bit / 44.1 kHz8
The Video:

Jerro has recorded a DJ set at the Canopy Club, Venice Beach in Los Angeles on September 02, 2021, which I would like to recommend to you. The video is available on YouTube in 4K and comes excellent sound quality (48 kHz) and a total running time of 1:13:34 h and all tracks of the new album.


0:00 Coming Home
4:40 Demons ft. Sophia Bel
9:05 Stay
12:41 Presence
17:25 Go Back Now
22:45 Subtleties
26:27 Tunnel Vision (Durante Remix)
30:44 Autoreactive
34:22 Leave Me Here feat. Fractures
38:40 Dosem & Tinlicker – I Can Feel
43:21 Pulse
48:06 In the Dark feat. Taylor
51:29 Too Weak
55:17 Leossa – Automatic Art
1:00:31 ID – ID
1:06:25 Petit Biscuit – Drivin Thru The Night (Jerro Remix)
1:10:11 Lost for Words feat. Panama

Facts about the Album:

Artist: Jerro
Title: Coming Home
Format: Album
Label: This Never Happened
Release Date: 01.10.2021
Genre: Melodic House, Electronica
11 tracks · 61 minutes


Available at Bandcampin CD quality
16 Bits / 44.1 kHz / Lossless

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