Grandbrothers: All The Unknown Tour 2021/22

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Grandbrothers Live on Tour

Genre: Experimental, Electronica

Grandbrothers Tour 2021/22
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Jan 15, 2021 Grandbrothers published their amazing album “All the Unknown”. Since then, the two Swiss/Dutch sound artists – whose real names are Erol Sarp and Lukas Vogel – have been the talk of the town. On this way I want to inform you quickly that there are still a few more concert dates with the two for the rest of the month of November 2021 and for the month of March 2020.

Grandbrothers on Tour – Dates 2021/22

To make it easier for you, the following dates are still open:

Grandbrothers on Tour
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November 2021:

05 bordeaux (fr), krakatoa
06 lyon (fr), le radiant
07 paris (fr), le trianon
13 pully (ch), l’octogone
14 zurich (ch), kaufleuten
16 milan (it), biko
17 dornbirn (AT), spielboden
18 munich (DE), ampere

November 2021, Part II

19 linz (AT), posthof
20 vienna (AT), konzerthaus
21 katowice (PL), hipnoza jazz club
22 olomuc (CZ), jazz tibet club
23 prague (CZ), palac akropolis

March 2022


If you want to buy tickets, you can do it directly on the Grandbrothers website: Ticketshop

Grandbrothers Portrait
© Toby Coulson / Grandbrothers Portrait

Maybe I’ll see you on Sunday,14. Nov. 2021 at the gig in Zurich, as we are planning to write an article about the concert if is possible anyway. But as I said, this is still at the planning stage, I’ll find out shortly from the duo’s label if it will all work out that way, I’ll keep you informed Instagram.

To get your mouth watering a bit, I’ve put together a YouTube playlist of their best videos. In the first video, the Grandbrothers show you how they put together their very own, immensely impressive sound.

The ultimate Grandbrothers video playlist on YouTube :

I dedicate this first video with the title “Anatomy of a song: Grandbrothers – What We See” to INAMAR, because we recently talked about the way of production – respectively I lectured about it 🙂 .

Still not convinced?

Okay, so try the Grandbrothers’ last album “All The Unknown” again:

The album “All The Unknown:”

You can also read the review of the album I published here in June this year:

Our All The Unknown Review

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